Our wines

Dve Mogili Village wine series

Young and fresh wines produced exclusively from grapes grown in our own vineyards situated close to the hilly south bank of the Danube river.

“Twin Peaks Special Wine Selection”series

Twin Peaks Chardonnay 2014


Twin Peaks aged white wine is produced from Chardonnay grape variety. The wine displays a tender golden colour with greenish tinges. Delicate and complicated nose with a hint of banana and vanilla combined with pleasant oak notes. The taste is elegant and fresh with a balanced finish and a memorable aftertaste.

Twin Peaks 2013


Twin Peaks coupage red wine is a blending of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the Bulgarian ancient variety Mavrud. The wine displays a deep, dark ruby colour with purple hues and perceptible vanilla and plum aromas. The taste is rich with notes of ripe cherry and cinnamon. Impressive finish with a long lasting aftertaste.

Special wines


The Magnifique (Fr. magnificent, great) is a real gem. Incredible Merlot, aged in French oak barrels to create a ruby red splendor of wine. A full-bodied wine with a memorable aroma and a noble touch.

PVC bottles